Chinese Nutritional Therapy

 Rice Yin-Yang 

What is Chinese Nutritional Therapy?

In ancient China, nutrition was considered the primary medicine of choice: therapies such as acupuncture were only tried if the nutritional approach proved insufficient. In contrast to the western view of foods, the Chinese philosophy encompasses the energetics of foods to provide a truly holistic therapy for internal diseases of all kinds.

How will Chinese Nutritional Therapy Benefit YOU?

We will show you how adapting the way you eat, what you eat, when you eat and even how you prepare the food you eat can help change you health for the better. By adopting our "Spleen Friendly Diet" and the introduction of a few traditional chinese herbs into your everyday diet, cooking and lifestyle it can have dramatic effects. It truly is a way of radically changing your dietwithout radically changing your diet

Which Herbs Should You Use?

At Body and Mind Studio®, we use and supply Plum Flower® Premium Quality™ Chinese Herbs as part of our Chinese Nutritional Therapy programmes, and for use in everday cooking in soups, stews, stocks etc. Plum Flower® products were created by Mayway to ensure that high-quality, safe and effective products would be available in both the USA and Europe. Mayway's wide range of products include species-authenticated herbs, high quality extracts and classical formulations, as well as modern, innovative Chinese medicinal products. Mayway apply advanced quality standards to their products while maintaining the essence and wisdom of our ancient herbal traditions. We will guide you as to the best products you should use for your specific requirements.


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