Dream Tan (Sun Care)



Body and Mind Studio International® are delighted to introduce to the United Kingdom, natural products from the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes. The Dream Tan® sun care range is the result of multiannual research in modern laboratories by specialised technicians and cosmetologists, which combine in perfect harmony the excellent properties of Greek nature's components, with the latest developments in the science of sun care.

The sunscreen products of the Dream Tan® range have been created especially to help the skin tan uniformly and safely. Their composition have a balance between modern water resistant sunscreen UV filters which help protect the skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation (burns and destruction of cell membranes), while oils like Carrot, Olive or Coconut and particularly the herbal ingredient TANAMI, can maintain and prolong the tan.

Simultaneously, their compositions are enhanced with anti-aging Vitamins E and A which firstly help protect against atmospheric attacks such as free radicals, ozone and pollution of environment and secondly help maintain the hydrolytic balance of the skin without changing the natural protective features. In this way the skin, despite the sun exposure, is kept hydrated and silky, while acquiring a deep, uniform and lasting tan. The products follow the trends of modern cosmetology and do not contain parabens.


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