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Cardiovascular Disease - How BLOOD TYPE plays a role in influencing Heart Health

Posted by Paul Hopfensperger MIfHI MCMA - Author: Peter D'Adamo ND MIfHI on

Science is trying to catch up to Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo as he continues to pioneer new advances in personalised medicine. A great example is cardiovascular disease, and how blood type plays a role in influencing heart health. In a study funded by the NIH, the American Heart Association Scientist Development Award, and the Boston Obestity Nutrition Research Center, researchers report that people with blood type A, B, or AB had a higher risk for coronary heart disease when compared to those with blood type O, and that knowing your blood type can be an important part of staying healthy and avoiding heart disease.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo has been writing and researching the role of blood type in health, illness, and well-being for over 35 years, and it was 20 years ago when  Eat Right 4 Your Type® was published, which established blood type as a critical factor in understanding the biological and genetic mechanisms that control health and disease.

It all starts with  a single drop of blood … Click here to read the full article...

How do you get started?

For more information, you can refer to Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's books,  Eat Right 4 Your Type® and Live Right 4 Your Type®, or if you want to take advantage of the must up to date research, then let Body and Mind Studio® GenoType you using Dr. D'Adamo's SWAMI GenoType III Software to give you a totally personalised plan based on YOUR blood type and genetic makeup. 

Peter J. D'Adamo, ND, MIFHI

Peter D'Adamo is a distinguished professor of clinical sciences at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, USA, a naturopathic physician, author, researcher-educator, Ivesian, software developer and air-cooled enthusiast. He is a recognised authority in glycobiology, particularly the ABO blood groups and the secretor (FUT2) polymorphisms. He is versant in several computer languages, with  SWAMI (serotyping with advanced modifiable inventories) and OPUS23 just two of his software applications currently in use.

Dr D'Adamo teaches Generative Medicine I and II, Introduction to Biochemical Individuality of Naturopathic Medicine, and supervises a specialised clinic shift in Personalised Medicine at the University of Bridgeport. He has published the first textbook in naturopathic systems biology, Fundamentals of Generative Medicine, Vol. 1 (Drum Hill Publishing, LLC).

He is the author of several popular books, all of which can be found by clicking here including the New York Times bestseller, Eat Right for Your Type (Penguin Putman) and most recently Change Your Genetic Destiny (Random House).

Paul Hopfensperger, MIFHI, MCMA

Paul Hopfensperger is a UK based Master Instructor for Dr. Peter J D'Adamo's Institute for Human Individuality at Body and Mind Studio®. He specialises in The Blood Type Diet®The GenoType Diet® and OPUS23 Genomic Bioinformatics.

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