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Herbal Nutrition for Life - Paul & Beccy Hopfensperger - Herbalife Independent Members since 1987

Herbal Nutrition 4 Life - Herbalife® Team Hopfensperger

Since 1987, Paul Hopfensperger of Body and Mind Studio International® has been an independent member of Herbalife® one of the world's largest Health and Nutrition companies.

"My entire family has grown up using these fabulous products on a daily basis since they were very small", says Paul. "I was lucky enough to be introduced to the concepts of good nutrition and personal development by three people who became my mentors: Mark HughesLarry Thompson and of course the man who started so many off on the track to changing their lives for the better - Jim Rohn. What they all taught me, both in a nutrition sense for the Body, and a personal development sense for the Mind, became the very foundation of me setting up Body and Mind Studio International® in 2008 and has helped me change so many people's lives for the better".

Mark Hughes & Paul Hopfensperger - Herbalife HQ Los Angeles 1988 Larry Thompson & Paul Hopfensperger - Herbalife HQ Los Angeles 1988 Jim Rohn by Paul Hopfensperger - Herbalife HQ Los Angeles 1988 

Above left: Paul with Herbalife® founder Mark Hughes.  Centre: With then International Vice President of Sales, Larry Thompson.  Right: With America's foremost business philosopher, Jim Rohn.

All photographs copyright (c) Paul Hopfensperger, and were taken during the weekend of the 2nd Herbalife® International President's Workshop (January 21-25), Herbalife® HQ, Los Angeles, California, USA, 1988.


Herbal Nutrition for Life - Paul & Beccy Hopfensperger - Herbalife Independent Members since 1987

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Paul Hopfensperger Herbalife Independent Member since 1987

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