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At Body and Mind Studio International® we like to pay attention to detail, and when the UK voted to leave the European Union, we felt it vitally important to show the world that we are still open for business and will continue to serve our fabulous customers around the world to the very best of our ability. We therefore rebranded our company from Body and Mind Studio Limited to Body and Mind Studio International Ltd and commissioned a fabulous company in India, the home of Ayururvedic Medicine, to design us a new logo.

The Words

At Body and Mind Studio International® we understand that every individual is unique and special therefore we treat them as so. We offer a range of personally tailored products and services targeted at all areas of the BODY and MIND from our UK STUDIO to give our clients a total feeling of wellness and we do this INTERNATIONALLY, to anyone in any country across the world who needs our products and services. We offer PERSONALISED WELLNESS products and services based on blood type, genetic makeup, gender and age of our clients. No one individual is the same, it is important that each person is treated as the unique individual that they truly are.

Logo Concept

The graphical part of our logo, consists of five important parts.



The Chinese character for Yin 陰 (the dark swirl) is associated with the shady part of a hill, shadows, femininity and the trough of a wave. Yang 陽 (the white swirl) describes the sunny part, brightness, masculinity, passion and growth. Most people in the West know the famous Taiji (Supreme Ultimate) symbol which is a pictorial representation of the Yin Yang concept. Good health is an expression of harmony and balance between Yin and Yang in the body. When Yin and Yang are out of balance, there is illness.

The Yin Yang symbol can be found within the "O" of the word BODY in our logo to represent balance and harmony in the body to assist with optimum health.

 Body and Mind Studio International Logo - Triangle (Balance)


The triangle in our logo (shown here in black) much like the Yin Yang symbol, represents balance and harmony in both the Body and the Mind

 Body and Mind Studio International Logo - Person


The person in our logo (shown here in black) represents a genderless human being. It could be a female or male of any age. It suggests a person with arms outspread and suggests joyfulness and healthy living both of which are a fundamental part of optimum health and wellness.

 Body and Mind Studio International Logo - Caring Hands


The outstretched caring hands in our logo (shown here in black) represents the fact that we treat people caringly via good nutrition and with naturopathic principles. Naturopathy is a system of health care which promotes the body's own self-healing mechanism and uses a range of natural therapies such as Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Exercise and many other modalities.

 Body and Mind Studio International Logo - Circle


The circle in our logo (shown here in black) represents both wholeness of Body and Mind and also of the globe. It signifies that we are a global community and we are here to serve everyone in the world, not just the UK. We are an International business!

Body and Mind Studio International®


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