Cleanse Programme

Nature's Sunshine Nutritional Cleanse Programme




Nature's Sunshine® Healthy Starter Pack+ is one of Nature's Sunshine's best selling products, and provides a great start to any nutritional or weight management programme.

The human body is regularly bombarded with a collection of toxins from a cocktail of chemicals found in food, food additives, preservatives and even in our drinking water. We are also constantly subjected to air pollution, chemicals in household products, and sometimes drugs, including drugs used in intensively farmed animal livestock. Toxins can re-circulate in the body if the body's eliminatory functions are not working effectively and fat-soluble toxins can be stored in the body for many years.

A toxic environment in the body can result in a lowered immune system and can provide an ideal habitat for bad bacteria, and many health experts recommend a complete body cleanse at least two times per year. Nature's Sunshine® Healthy Starter+ Programme contains three top selling products which can help make a powerful, safe and effective cleansing combination.



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