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For those who are intolerant to Gluten, Body and Mind Studio International® are assured by Nature's Sunshine® that virtually all of their products in the UK range are GLUTEN FREE. There are currently just FOUR PRODUCTS currently available in the Nature's Sunshine® UK range which contain gluten, and they are:  

Nature's Sunshine® TNT (532g)a fibre and energy drink mix that contains oat fibre and oat bran.

• Nature's Sunshine® Fibre Plus (344g) - a fibre product that contains oat bran.

Nature's Sunshine® Energ-V (100 Capsules)an energy product that contains barley grass.

Nature's Sunshine® BOOST (100 Capsules) an adult formula containing oat straw extract. 

For those who are intolerant to gluten, food choices can sometimes be limited, making it harder to achieve a well balanced and varied diet.  Nature's Sunshine® go to great lengths during the sourcing of ingredients, manufacture, and testing to ensure that they offer a complete and comprehensive choice of daily nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbs and unique combinations that are both safe and effective.

Below you will see all of the Nature's Sunshine® GLUTEN FREE products available in the UK from Body and Mind Studio International®.


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