Blood Type AB


Blood Group Type AB – (Agrarian/Balance) – Mixed Messenger – This blood group evolved only about 1,000 years ago and so is the most recently evolved group. Their dietary needs are somewhere between groups A and B. Only about 3% of the UK population are type AB making it the rarest of all blood groups.

Type AB Matters

Type AB blood is rare, it's found in less than five percent of the world's population, and only about 3% of the UK population. It is also the newest of the blood types. Until ten or twelve centuries ago, it did not exist. Type AB resulted from the intermingling of Type A with Type B, and it's the only blood type that is a result of intermingling rather than environment!

Type AB reflects the mixed inheritance of it's A and B genes and shares the benefits and challenges of both. Designed for modern conditions, Type AB has a highly tolerant immune system, but a sensitive digestive tract and can be prone to cardiovascular conditions. Dr. D'Adamo recommends a diet high in lean protein, including tofu and seafood, and plenty of leafy green vegetables - especially when trying to lose weight. Foods that encourage weight gain in Type AB are chicken, corn, kidney beans, and buckwheat and should be avoided.

Exercise plays a critical component in stress reduction and maintaining a healthy emotional balance for Type AB. Dr. D'Adamo suggests a cobination of both calming activities, and more intense physical exercise to help maintain an optimal balance. For example, three days of biking and two days of calming exercise such as yoga or tai chi. As a Type AB, you may also incorporate meditation or visulisation practices into your daily routine to reduce stress and promote emotional wellness. Taking ten minutes in the early morning to practice this art in a calm, quiet atmosphere will provide a welcoming start to your day.

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