Digestive & Detox

Digestive and Detox

Good digestion begins with what we eat. When we eat the right foods for our blood types, we digest the foods better and we support the overall digestion process.  Food breaks down properly, there's less gas and bloating as well as reduced demands on the organs of assimilation and elimination. Years of eating the wrong foods, illness, bacterial overload, and stress can wreak havoc on our gut, and this can have wide ranging systemic repercussions, including fatigue, inflammation and poor immunity. 

Following your specific Blood Type Diet®, GenoType Diet® or SWAMI protocol provides the appropriate nutritional support that assists in proper digestion. Having treated patients for over 30 years who suffered from a myriad of digestive issues and as being a leading authority in the scientific importance of biochemical individuality, Dr. Peter D'Adamo is uniquely qualified to design a line of support products that target and support proper digestion and elimination. These unique products are available in this digestive health section.


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