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The D'Adamo Health Protocols - Osteoarthritis

Posted by Paul Hopfensperger MIfHI MCMA - Author: Peter D'Adamo ND MIfHI on

The D'Adamo Health Protocols


The D'Adamo Health Protocols are a series of naturopathic techniques created and used by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, ND MIFHI, that you can use to help enhance your health and vitality. These protocols should not be used as a substitution for the services of your G.P. or healthcare practitioner and are not to be used in the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of any specific disease. Always check with your G.P. before using any supplement or medication.

A more extensive discussion on the use of herbs and supplements in conjunction with the Blood Type Diet® can be found in the Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia. The information below uses the current available information from the Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia, current updated protocols from the official website of Dr Peter J. D'Adamo and using herbs and products currently available under the UK legislation which may, in certain protocols, differ from the products available in the USA. Any commercial items which may differ and/or are not specifically recommended as part of the official D'Adamo Health Protocols are marked * and are alternatives recommended by Paul Hopfensperger MIfHI MCMA of Body and Mind Studio® in the UK.   

OSTEOARTHRITIS - A condition involving inflammation or deterioration of the joints.


- Painful Movement

- Joint inflammation

- Joint stiffness

About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative type of arthritis which develops when the linings of the joints wear down.  Although it is associated with aging and injury (it used to be called "wear-and-tear arthritis"), its true cause remains unknown.

Osteoarthritis can first appear asymptomatically at around the age of 20. By the age of 40, most people have some pathologic changes in their weight-bearing joints.

Unlike some types of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis is not systemic; it does not spread through the entire body. Instead, it concentrates in one or several joints where deterioration occurs. Osteoarthritis affects joints differently, depending on their location in the body. It is commonly found in joints of the fingers, feet, knees, hips and spine.

General Risk Factors and Causes

Although the cause is generally unknown, prolonged overuse is thought to aid in the development of osteoarthritis. It is interesting that operators of pneumatic hammer drills and long-distance runners have no corresponding increase in osteoarthritis compared with age and gender matched individuals.

X-ray studies in the USA and the UK reveal that almost 50% of the adult population has osteoarthritis. Men and women are equally affected, but in general, males get it earlier in life.

Blood Group Links

Therapies Which May Help Support Osteoarthritis

The therapies listed below are for all ABO Blood Groups, although the protocols themselves will differ depending on the ABO Blood Group.

Ginger has shown moderate abilities for inhibiting the COX2 enzyme, which is the target of many newer arthritis medications.

1. *Solgar Ginger Root Extract Vegetable Capsules - Ginger extract: 500mg twice daily, away from food. 

2. *Solgar Extra Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Tablets - Glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate combination: 650mg twice daily.

3. Avoid solanine ( Solanine in Nightshade Plants ). 

D'Adamo Health Protocols to Follow (All ABO Blood Groups)

1.  D'Adamo Arthritis Support Protocol

2.  D'Adamo Anti-Inflammation Support Protocol

3.  D'Adamo Intestinal Health Support Protocol

4.  D'Adamo Surgery Recovery Support Protocol [If surgery is required]


1. D'Adamo, Peter J and Whitney, Catherine, 2002, "Eat Right For Your Type, Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia",  P.91-93, Arthritis, Osteo, New York, The Penguin Group.

2. D'Adamo, Peter J, The D'Adamo Health Protocols,


Further and more detailed information in regard to blood types and osteoarthritis can be found on page 91 of "Eat Right For Your Type, Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia" available for purchase by clicking on the link...

Peter J. D'Adamo, ND, MIFHI

Peter D'Adamo is a distinguished professor of clinical sciences at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, USA, a naturopathic physician, author, researcher-educator, Ivesian, software developer and air-cooled enthusiast. He is a recognised authority in glycobiology, particularly the ABO blood groups and the secretor (FUT2) polymorphisms. He is versant in several computer languages, with SWAMI (serotyping with advanced modifiable inventories) and OPUS23 just two of his software applications currently in use.

Dr D'Adamo teaches Generative Medicine I and II, Introduction to Biochemical Individuality of Naturopathic Medicine, and supervises a specialised clinic shift in Personalised Medicine at the University of Bridgeport. He has published the first textbook in naturopathic systems biology, Fundamentals of Generative Medicine, Vol. 1 (Drum Hill Publishing, LLC).

He is the author of several popular books, all of which can be found by clicking here including the New York Times bestseller, Eat Right for Your Type (Penguin Putman) and most recently Change Your Genetic Destiny (Random House).

Paul Hopfensperger, MIFHI, MCMA

Paul Hopfensperger is a UK based Master Instructor for Dr. Peter J D'Adamo's Institute for Human Individuality at Body and Mind Studio®. He specialises in The Blood Type Diet®The GenoType Diet® and OPUS23 Genomic Bioinformatics. He was the first and only person from the UK to attend the inaugural OPUS23 Genomic Bioinformatics training seminar conducted by Dr D'Adamo at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine, University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, USA in April 2016. Paul also holds a diploma in Diet and Nutrition, and a post graduate diploma in Chinese Nutritional Therapy from The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. He is a Member of the Complimentary Medical Association.

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