Genotyping Kit + (New) Original Home Blood Typing Kit

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D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition® Home GenoTyping Kit & (New) Original Home Blood-Typing Kit - Money Saving Bundle

Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Home GenoTyping Kit and (New) Home Blood Type Testing Kit gives you the tools you'll need to quickly and easily determine your GenoType® (Hunter, Gatherer, Teacher, Explorer, Warrior or Nomad) as detailed in his book "Change your Genetic Destiny" (formerly The GenoType Diet®). Importantly, once you have determined your GenoType® the information in the book guides you through how you can use this information to lose weight and live a longer, healthier life.

Discover what your GenoType® reveals about you:

  • What your fingertips tell you about your risk for heart disease or cancer
  • What role your taste buds play in cravings for sugar, alcohol, and caffeine
  • What the length of your index and ring fingers say about your fertility
  • How the shape of your teeth indicate your best diet choices
  • What your blood type tells you about your best weight loss method

Included inside:

  • 1 x Easy GenoTyping guide
  • 1 x Biometric protractor/ruler
  • 1 x Fingerprinting Tool Kit
  • 1 x Book of Taster strips
  • 1 x Detailed instructions that are easy to follow (UK instructions supplied outside of the USA)
  • 1 x EldonCard used for determining blood type for one individual
  • 2 x Automatic lancets - one to use, the other a spare
  • 1 x Skin sanitising swab
  • 1 x Eldon Foil
  • 1 x Plastic dropper used for placing water droplets
  • 4 x applicator sticks used for placing blood
D'Adamo Personalised Nutrition - Authentic Product 


Knowing your Secretor Status is an important part to determining your GenoType®. If you do not know it, we recommend the following test:-

D'Adamo Personalised Nutrition - Authentic Product 

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