The Blood Type Diet® - A simple way to Radically Change your Diet

The Blood Type Diet® - A simple way to Radically Change your Diet

Published by Paul Hopfensperger MIfHI on 22nd Jan 2023

The Blood Type Diet - Beginners Pack

The day I finished my Diet and Nutrition Diploma on January 05, 2011, is the day I will never forget. My lecturer, Chris, congratulated me and said "Why don't you come back and do our Blood Type Diet Diploma?". Looking back at him blankly, I said "What is the Blood Type Diet?". Now having given blood for many years, I knew my blood type, I have since learned that most people do not seem to know their blood type in the UK. "A Positive" I replied. Then came what seemed to be a lightning strike from the heavens which hit me directly in the face!

"Blood Type A. Shouldn't eat red meat. Very susceptible to colon cancer" came his reply. "Really???" I said in total and utter shock. I had never heard that before. I was 47 years old, had eaten red meat all of my life, especially in recent years to give me enough protein to complete 3 x English Channel Swims, and for the past few years I had repeatedly been to the doctors and hospital with random nose bleeds and blood coming out of places where I knew it shouldn't. They had no idea why, or seemingly any knowledge on how to stop it. Was this the answer I thought to myself instantly? I didn't care, I signed up for the course which was based on Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's international best selling book Eat Right For Your Type and it just blew me away!

Paul Hopfensperger swims from England to France on 10/07/2002

My Introduction to The Blood Type Diet®

What Chris taught me was life changing. I would go as far as to say it saved my life as prior to learning about this, nothing had stopped blood coming out of me whenever I went to the toilet or my random nose bleeds. He taught me about the four different ABO Blood Types (O, A, B and AB) and how they should eat and live/exercise accordingly dependant on their blood types, and about good and bad lectins. I was not even the slightest bit sceptical about this as it clarified observations that I had been making since I was a young lad who loved watching the Olympics, especially the athletics and the swimming.

As a young competitive swimmer in the 1970s, I noticed that you very rarely saw a black person swimming, especially in the Olympics. Likewise, you very rarely saw a white person in the final of the 100 or 200 Metres in the athletics. There are obviously exceptions, but generally that was my observations and I often wondered why. I believe Chris helped clarify things for me with his life changing (for me) training. This is briefly what he taught me.

The Blood Type O Diet - The Hunter - Brief Overview

Blood Type O individuals thrive on intense physical exercise and animal protein. To be successful with the Type O diet, it depends heavily on the use of lean, chemical-free meat and fish along with an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit. However, Type Os do not find dairy products and grains quite as friendly due to their digestive systems having not yet adapted to them fully.

Overview: Meat Eater, Hardy Digestive Tract, Overactive Immune System, Intolerant to Dietary and Environmental Adaptations, Respond Best to Stress with Intense Physical Activity, Requires an efficient metabolism to stay lean and energetic.

The Blood Type A Diet - The Cultivator - Brief Overview

Blood Type A individuals (me) thrive on more calming exercise like Hatha Yoga, Thai Chi and Meditation. They are the complete opposite to Type Os due to heightened cortisol (stress hormone) levels making it harder to recover from stress. Type As flourish on plant-based diets which they inherit from their more settled and less warlike farmer ancestors. To receive the greatest benefits, Type As should eliminate all meats. It is important for sensitive Type As to consume foods in as natural a state as possible: fresh, pure, organic and primarily vegetarian.

Overview: They Reap What They Sow, Sensitive Digestive Tract, Tolerant Immune System, Adapts Well to Settled Dietary and Environmental Conditions, Responds Best to Stress with Calming Actions, Requires Agrarian Diet to Stay Lean and Productive. 

The Blood Type B Diet - The Nomad - Brief Overview

Blood Type B individuals - 'B' for balanced exercise. They are wired for balance meditative activities with more active forms of physical exercise such as Tennis, Hiking and golf.  Type Bs can derive benefit from selected meats, but the removal of Chicken from their diet can be one of the most difficult adjustments to make. Chicken contains a Blood Type B agglutinating lectin in its muscle tissue. It is more beneficial to change to Turkey or Pheasant, neither of which contains the dangerous lectin which attacks the Type B cells and disrupts digestion. 

Overview: Balanced, Strong Immune System, Tolerant Digestive System, Most Flexible Dietary Choices, Dairy Eater, Responds Best To Stress with Creativity, Requires a Balance Between Physical and Mental Activity to Stay Lean and Sharp.  

The Blood Type AB Diet - The Enigma - Brief Overview

Blood Type AB individuals are rare, only 2 to 5 percent of the world population are Blood Type ABs. They are also biologically complex with multiple antigens making them sometimes A-like, sometimes B-like and sometimes a fusion of both. Dealing with stress, Type ABs share characteristics with both Type As and Type Os, so a mix of calming activities and intense physical exercise such as Hatha Yoga, Swimming and Cycling are good choices. 

The Type AB diet requires that you read the food lists carefully to familiarise yourself with both the Type A and Type B diets. This helps you to better understand the parameters of the Type AB Diet. However, Type ABs borrow characteristics from both Type A and Type B. Like Type A, you do not produce enough stomach acid to effectively digest too much animal protein, the key is protein size and frequency. It needs some meat protein like Lamb, Rabbit, and Turkey, but like Type Bs, Type ABs should stay well away from Chicken. 

Overview: A Modern Merging of Types A and B, Chameleon's Response to Changing Environments and Dietary Conditions, Sensitive Digestive Tract, Overly Tolerant Immune System, Responds Best To Stress Spiritually, with Physical Verve and Creative Energy, An Evolutionary Mystery.


From the day Chris told me not to eat red meat (steak/beef in particular) because I was a Blood Type A, I stopped. From that day to this, some 12 years ago now, following my Type A diet, I have not had any random nose bleeds walking down the street or blood loss when I visited the toilet. To me, that is a simply incredible result! I have of course learned so much more about this over the years, and became a Fellow and Master of Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Institute for Human Individuality. As part of this training, I learned about how equally important your  Secretor Status is as well as your ABO Blood Type. It answered many of my health questions which I had over the years which no one seemed to be able to explain or help with. This is a journey which you can start easily at any age, and as you learn more about it, I believe it can seriously help change your life for the better. I speak from personal experience.

"The Blood Type Diet® is a way to radically change your diet, without radically changing your diet."

Where Do I Start?

When people contact me and ask where to start I alway give them the same advice. If you don't know your ABO Blood Type and Secretor Status, then this is a fundamental requirement so here is what to do:-

1. Purchase our >> Blood Type Diet Beginners Pack <<. These two items will enable you to determine your ABO Blood Type, Rhesus (D) Blood Type and Secretor Status.

2. Purchase Dr. Peter D'Adamo's New York Times best-seller >> Eat Right 4 Your Type® << and simply eat right/live right for your ABO Blood Type and Secretor Status as detailed in the book.

3. Purchase Dr. Peter D'Adamo's App from the App Store: Eat Right 4/FOR Your Type (Blood Type Diet). Set the app to your ABO Blood Type and Secretor Status and you have it with you wherever you go!

About Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo ND MIfHI

Dr Peter J. D'Adamo is an eminent naturopathic physician and researcher with a wide international following and has been practicing naturopathic medicine for well over 30 years. He is best known for his research on human blood groups and individualised nutrition and is the author of more than 20 books, including the New York Times best-seller  Eat Right 4 Your Type which is consistently on bestseller lists many years since its publication (1998). It has been translated into 65 languages and has reached over 7 million people worldwide.

For his work on blood type and nutrition, Dr D'Adamo was selected 1990 Physician of the Year by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. In 1999, respected industry analysts named Eat Right 4 Your Type one of the ten most influential health books ever and Dr. D'Adamo the most intriguing health author of the year. He is also the founder and editor emeritus of the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. D'Adamo is the Distinguished Clinical Professor, Univerity of Bridgeport Health Sciences, Connecticut, USA and a Director of the Centre of Excellence in Generative Medicine. This state of the art teaching, research, and patient care centre is dedicated to better understanding the self-healing behaviours that are the basis of naturopathic philosophy and therapy.

About Paul Hopfensperger MIfHI

Paul Hopfensperger is a UK based Master Instructor for Dr. Peter J D'Adamo's Institute for Human Individuality at Body and Mind Studio International Ltd. He specialises in The Blood Type Diet, The GenoType Diet and OPUS23 Genomic Bioinformatics. He was the first and only person from the UK to attend the inaugural OPUS23 Genomic Bioinformatics training seminar conducted by Dr D'Adamo at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine, University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, USA in April 2016. Paul also holds a diploma in Diet and Nutrition, and a post graduate diploma in Chinese Nutritional Therapy from The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. He is an Amazon International number 1 best selling author with his co-authored book Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy.


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