The Teazers - Teenage Angst (12" Vinyl E.P. & Digital Download)

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The Teazers - Teenage Angst - 12" Vinyl E.P. (With FREE Digital Download) Autographed by Paul Hopfensperger

On a hot July day, Saturday August 7th 1982 to be precise, a three-piece mod band from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, The Teazers (16 year old Pete Hawtin, 17 year old Andy Leong-son and 19 year old Paul Hopfensperger), arrived in the city to record four songs written by lead singer and songwriter Paul Hopfensperger. Arriving at The Elephant Recording Studio, Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping Wall in the heart of London's East End, The Teazers descended the metal staircase into the unknown. It was their first visit to a recording studio, and had no idea what was in store that day, or exactly which four songs from their ever expanding repetoir they would record.

The Teazers were greeted by the sound Engineer Chris M. and his pet cat, whose name can be recalled after so many years, then set up the equipment and started to play. Paul had plugged his Rickenbacker 480 guitar into the studio Vox AC 30 Amp, and made a mental note that one day he wanted this guitar/amp combination on a permanent basis. The sound was just awesome! Over the next 8 hours, The Teazers set about recording four of their favourite live tracks.

Elephant Recording Studio The Teazers - Engineer and Cat The Teazers - Mixing Desk The Teazers - In Session

The Songs - Angst Side

  • The System - Paul wrote this song in his lunch break at work in 1980 after having read "Brave New World" by the English author Aldous Huxley. It details the confusion in Paul's mind, working for a firm that was going bankrupt, when all he really wanted was to be "different from the crowd", and make it big with his band The Teazers. Ronald Reagan had become the U.S. President, Leonid Brezhnev was the Soviet Union President and all anyone spoke of was World War 3. This song details the angst Paul felt as he came towards the end of his teenage years not knowing exactly what future, if any, he was heading into.
  • The Shape of Things to Come - This song continues on the theme of U.S. President Ronald Reagan and the fear of World War 3, while all around, people were losing their jobs due to the new emerging silicon chips and computers replacing people and their jobs "making thousands of lives miserable". The song details the worry and angst Paul felt "because there's nothing I can do" [to help].

The Songs - Love Side

  • Alison - 1982 was a tough year for love for Paul. Having met his girlfriend Alison in 1979, he fell for another girl Nicola, and wrote the song Dreaming of You about her in 1981. Paul and Alison split. Feeling sad and missing her terribly, Paul wrote "Alison" in June 1982 to say sorry and they got back together again, with Paul declaring "I can't write a symphony, but I can write a love song, about you and me for everyone to hear!". This was a massively popular live song because of the catchy opening riff Paul wrote when composing this song.
  • Dreaming of You - In 1981, Paul fell head over heels for a girl called Nicola who was four years his junior and was also was also liked by his best friend and original drummer in The Teazers - Nigel. Nigel drew a beautiful pencil portrait of Nicola and so Paul decided to write her a song.  Dreaming of You was the result. Dreaming of You details Paul's frustration and angst about being in love with one girl, while thinking constantly about another. This song was not originally going to be on the E.P. for Paul's fear of upsetting Alison. He wanted to record another live favourite The Sunday Blues, but Pete and Andy insisted on Dreaming of You. Returning to Bury St Edmunds from the studio in London was not a good experience for Paul, as he thought of ways of explaining to Alison that Dreaming of You was on the E.P.  

Message from Paul Hopfensperger

"The Teazers never officially split up. Andy went off to University in 1983 and we waited and waited and waited. We still wait! I have not seen him once since 1983 but have heard that he has done very well for himself in the corporate world. He was always a very bright lad. Pete I saw once in the bank for about 2 minutes in about 2006? Although I have spoken to him via social media, he keeps himself very much to himself.

The album is for sale on this website for one simple reason, it shows that you should NEVER give up on your dreams. I always wanted to make a record, and here it is - 36 years after we recorded it. It was another of my long term goals achieved as detailed in my motivational talk - "Life is a Channel Swim - Setting and Achieving Goals". 

I hope you enjoy these songs, and it catalogues the memories, emotions and teenage angst felt at the time when we all wondered if nuclear war would wipe us out at any time, while struggling with girls, love and the exuberance of youth. Has anything actually changed?".

Paul Hopfensperger, Bury St Edmunds, England, September 30, 2018.

St Nicholas' Hospice Care

St Nicholas Hospice Care Logo 

St Nicholas Hospice Care is a Bury St Edmunds based charity providing help, advice and support to people in West Suffolk and Thetford in the final chapters of their life, who are living with long-term and life-threatening illnesses. Since 2006, Paul and Beccy Hopfensperger have raised money for St Nicholas Hospice Care and 15% of all sales of The Teazers - Teenage Angst will be donated to them (£1.50 per record). 

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